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The main and easy side of iOSEmus is, it’s web application and doesn’t require you to jailbreak in order to adjust itself on your iPhone. You’re right at this topic, because It’s one of the easiest source to allow you to install your favorite game emulators and many other apps without jailbreak or actually installing on your iPhone.

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- IOSEmus what is it ?

AIIR is the IOSEmus founder, he create this Iosemus air based programming with the primary goal of create a Over The Air App installation service allowing to install Apps and Emulators. With iosemus, jailbreak your iOS devices is no needed. So he developed this web based application that allows users install their favorites apps and emulators on Iphone including vShare, GBA4iOS etc. It actually allow users to install apps and iosemus tweaks that are rejected by the iosemus app store.
iOSEmus can be added on your iPhone home screen without installing it on your iPhone or iPad, So, it consumes very low storage space of your device. In return, it allows user to install his favorite game emulator on the device.
iosemus review
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iosemus online
is the easiest solution to offer users to install their favorite apps without jailbreaking.
iosemus apk
iosemus roms
iosemus store
Yeah, it’s possible now to get hands on iOSEmus which is one the most popular iPhone game emulator at the moment and hot of the talk.
To test the app, we’ve install couple of above listed apps using iOSEmus on our iPhone and we found that it’s one of the best and easiest web application that actually works. If you’re one who were searching some apps like this one, then you should instantly download iOSEmus on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone and enjoy great apps without jailbreak.
iOSEmus can be dubbed as the miracle app, with iOSEmus you can download emulators (as the name suggests) and apps that require jailbreak WITHOUT the need of jailbreak (very handy if you updated to iOS 8.2 and up). You can also use it to download apps that are no longer in App Store, such as screen recorders.
Some apps that can be downloaded includes:

- IOSEmus Trust

iosemus no jailbreak
iosemus safe
iosemus legit
iosemus virus

- IOSEmus Compatible Devices

iosemus download for iphone
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 4S
iosemus ipad
iosemus for ipad
iPad Air 2
iPad Air
iPad Mini 3
iPad Mini 2
iPod Touch 5th Gen
iPod Touch 6th Gen
There is no iosemus for pc or no iosemus for macbook yet, so you can't use the emulator on your computer.

- IOSEmus Apps

Do you want to watch a movie, or TV show, of your choice or get Apple App Store apps free of charge? How about passing the time by playing your favorite Nintendo DS or PSP game? Have you been looking for a iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch screen recorder? What if you can install all of these great apps on your device without the need of a jailbreak running iOS 8.3? Well this is your one-stop shop for all of it get the step-by-step guide after the break.
Ever wanted jailbreak apps without the need of jailbreak ?
According to the developers, you can download iOSEmus and install bunch of apps and couple of apps are listed below which you can read and install on your device without jailbreak or no Cydia.
List of the IOSEmus Apps :
Above apps are just a trailer and you can hands on Emu4iOS, GBA4iOS and other game emulators as well was PopCorn Time and CinemaBox which is released recently. So, ultimately, iOSEmus is fun to install on your device without jailbreaking your device at all.
iosemus hipstore
iosemus hipstore download
Install HIPStore Without Jailbreak.
HIPStore will allow iOS users to install paid apps on their devices without any jailbreak needed. Until now HIPStore was mainly used for jailbroken device. Using this method you can just install HIPStore without Jailbreak or Cydia. It was tested on iOS 8.2, 8.3, and 8.4 (beta).
HIPStore compatible iOS versions: iOS 8 – iOS 8.4.1
iosemus f.lux
iosemus vshare
iosemus music box
iosemus ios 9 music box
iosemusapp.com music box
iosemus moviebox download
iosemus moviebox ios 9
iosemus mcpe maps
iosemus x10 mx
iosemus playbox HD
iosemus shou
iosemus kuaiyong
iosemus showbox
iosemus irec
iosemus downcloud

- IOSEmus Games

iosemus gba4ios
iosemus nds4ios
PSP Emulator
iosemus ppsspp
iosemus minecraft
iosemus gta
iosemus nds
iosemus flappy bird
iosemus sport

- IOSEmus Download and IOSEmus Install

The first step, to allow you to use all the wonderful IOS apps for free is to install iOSEmus on your device (You'll see if you able to install a app, if it is signed, or marked with a green line next to it).
If you have updated your iOS device to one of the following firmware version and want to enjoy free Apps and Emulators, you can follow this guide for IOSEmus, how to install paid apps without jailbreak your Iphone/Ipad.
Download iOSEmus for iPhone and Ipad
How to Download iOSEmus iOS 9.3 Without Jailbreak for iPad Pro, iPhone, OS X PC
iOSEmus for iOS 9.2
iosemus latest update
iosemus without jailbreak
iosemus for mac
iosemus download 9.2
iosemus download ios 9.2
iosemus download ios 9.1
iosemus download 9.1
iosemus download ios 9
iosemus download 8.4
Note: There is an alternative method for install the application.
A - This is the first method
1 - Unlock your iOS to go on the IOSEmus website. Open Safari/Firefox/Chrome or another browser installed on you device and now visit "iosem.us" or open the exact url: "http://www.iosemulatorspot.com/cydia-alternatives.html".
2 - Touch the blue button to install (bellow iOSEmus) and then start iOSEmus installation. Enter iosemus passcode if ask.
(You will do it one time, this is the first step before install our apps, after this everything will be ready to use all the iosemus store).
3 - Touch "Install" one more time at the top on the right where there is "Install IOSemus Profile Screen". Don't pay attention to the warning messages.
4 - Touch "Install" this time on the bottom of the screen.
5 - Touch the button where is write "Done". Once you install IOSEmus back out to home screen and click on the IOSEmus App iCon (Red A).
6 - Now you the IOSEmus installation is over you can exit screen and touch the Home button to go on the Home Screen.
7 - You see the list of the most populars "iOSEmus apps or tweaks" iosemus app index after run it in the Apps and sign in it. You need to tap each various sections as top, best apps, newest apps, most downloaded apps and find out your favourite apps.
1 - Look for your app with the scroll until you find it, for example with HIPStore you can download paid applications.
2 - Now you can install application you want with this screen, you will see the "(name of the app) Signed Installation” press "Install".
3 - On "api.builto.io would like to install (name of your app)" one more time press Install.
Note: When you install a app with iOSEmus it is on your hard drive IOS device means, it not a web application any more.
4 - Return on the Home Screen for find the app you just installed, all this process depends on the speed of your internet connection, it can take few seconds but also few minutes, stay on iosemus waiting the install finish .
5 - Finally you can use the app after you open it. It will allow you to download cracked apps, download free music or play games etc ...
B - Alternative - This is the second method to install a IOSEmusapp on you IOS device without Jailbreak when you know the library for example "ios.hipstore.mobi" for the app "Hipstore".
1 - Go to the library here (ios.hipstore.mobi) with your favorite browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome or another one ...).
2 - The next step on this link is to find the icon Apple called "IOS" scroll down until you get it and press on it.
3 - You will arrive on a new page with a message like : "app.rezcdn.com would like to install Hipstore".
4 - Press "Install" and after "Dismiss". And go to the Home Screen for tap the Icon "installation".
5 - Now you can open your app (with HIP Store you can download paid apps and ebooks)
(sometimes you can get some language issues, go to this section to know how to fix it.)
Step 1. Unlock your device and fire up iOSEmus.
Step 2. Tap on the second tab at the bottom “Apps & Emus.”
Step 3. Scroll down until you see Movie Box 3.3.1 and tap on it. You’ll be prompted with a pop up message asking for your permission to install Movie Box. Tap “Install” and then tap“Install” againg.
Step 4. Back out of iOSEMus and wait until Movie Box is done installing,
Step 5. Once the Movie Box app is done installing, open it and tap “Trust.”
Step 6. Now all you need to do is enjoy Movie Box now.
Note: DO NOT UPDATE MOVIE BOX when it asks you to update the app! The new version will not work on non-jailbroken devices. Also, Apple can kill this awesome app off at any time without notice.
Step 7. To install the rest of these great apps follow the aforementioned steps to install NDS4iOS, PPSSPP, vShare, and Shou.
This guide is pretty simple to follow you can help us to add some infos or just give us some feedbacks if you have some problems to follow it, go to the contact infos to get help.
You can follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, or add us to your Circle on Google+ to keep yourself updated on the latest iOS Jailbreak releases, Tweaks, Themes, and News!
You can follow the instruction in this video to help you more to understand all the process.
Note: If iOSEmus not working, try Safari and reinstall it. Or go to the help section bellow.

- IOSEmus Help

How to change IOSEmus App language to a other language ?
After you have installed your App on your IOS, you can change the Language to yours. Just read the instructions above to do it:
1 - Pres the icon menu on the top left and scroll down to find the option as "Cai dat" or something that seems to be that.
2 - Then press Ngôn ngu’, it suppose to be this :).
3 - At the end you pick the first option to go on the sub-menu and choose "English"
All the app are not fully translated, you can join the project to help the IOS app developer if you have some skills.
Does iosemus work on ios 9.2 ?
Does iosemus work on ios 9 ?
Is iosemus app safe ?
Is iosemus safe ?
Is iosemus illegal ?
What is the iosemus alternative ?
iosemus gridlee
iosemus nds4ios
iosemus cydia

- IOSEmus link IOS app developer

iosemus uk
iosemus reddit.com/r/GBA4iOS
iosemus twitter : @ImAiiR
iosemus spot
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